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How to Install a DVD Drive

Installing DVD drives is practically identical to installing hard drives. Like hard drives, they can be either IDE or SATA. I will be installing an IDE drive.

On the front side of the case, punch out one or more of the drive plates, depending on how many you're installing. Locate the screw holes on the side of the drive. Then slide the drive into the bay through the front of the case until it is even with the case and the screw holes are aligned. Put in the screws.

Installing a DVD drive

NOTE: I think it's worth mentioning again that cases are different and not all use screws, so check the cases' features. I'm using a standard case.

As with the hard drive get your IDE cable and plug the blue end into the IDE2 motherboard connector. The cable's notch makes it fit one way.

Installing a DVD drive

Plug the other end (black) into the 40-pin drive connector. Again, it fits one way.

Installing a DVD drive

Last, connect the power. Get a molex cable from the power supply and insert it into the power connector. The yellow wire goes to the outside.

Installing a DVD drive

To install a second IDE drive, make sure it is configured as the slave drive by using the jumpers located between the 40-pin and power connectors. The default setting is master. Which jumper to use is listed just above the connectors. Slide it into another bay and attach it to the middle cable connector.

Installing SATA DVD Drives:
Like hard drives, installing SATA DVD drives is simple. SATA cables support one drive, so there is no need for a slave configuration if you want to put in a second one. Just use another connector. Many motherboards come with several SATA connectors and are labeled SATA 1, SATA 2, etc. Plug one end of the cable into the drive and the other into the board. Attach the power. The cables fit one way. If the system has a SATA hard drive, it will be connected to SATA 1 on the motherboard so you will need to use one of the other slots.

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